Don't Learn Another Framework.

Scaffolding is designed to utilize all the best tools across the web –
from the _s starter theme by Automattic, to Bootstrap's grid structures, and common WordPress helper functions.

Working with Scaffolding streamlines your existing process rather than reinventing it.

What's In The Box?

Architecture Plugin Support
  • Gravity Forms Styles Easy customization with no overrides
  • Yoast SEO Built with SEO in mind
  • commonWP Serves resources from jsDelivr CDN if remote and local versions are identical

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Tuned for Client Work

Scaffolding is designed specifically for building client websites. We've refined it over a year of development on real projects to determine the best ways to streamline development.

Optimized for SEO

Scaffolding was built with direct input from search marketers, tested extensively with Yoast, and reviewed for technical search features.